About ith

One Story.
One Ring.
ith was born in a small atelier of a single ring artisan,
where time passed slowly
and she carefully handcrafted rings
one by one with great care.
This is the beginning of ith, and even now we make rings one by one in Tokyo Japan.


Put your own story into the ring
To you, the leading role of your story, who wears the ring. We devote our skills and delicacy to carefully tailoring each ring with a story unique to you.


Creating rings full of excitement.
At ith, we offer custom-made rings crafted in Japan to ensure high quality. By trying on many sample rings, your preferences and values take shape as a ring. The joy and excitement that only the two of you can experience only here.


The one and only story,
born from our atelier
Our atelier is a special place to create the "only one in the world" ring with our customers. The place is filled with warm and playful atmosphere with a sense of Japanese culture.

Ring Designs

Delicate and playful designs
created by a ring artisan
All collection rings of ith are designed by our brand founder Ayu Takahashi. She is a ring artisan, who is passionate about crafting rings with her unique sense of aesthetic. She created rings in a delicate and intriguing way. To make the ring shine on the wearer and comfortable to wear.


The "Made in Japan" Manufacturing
We are committed to "Made in Japan" and create each and every ring with our artisans at our workshop in Japan, which is capable of manufacturing "one-of-a-kind" products. In order to fulfill our responsibility to our customers, we handle everything from product planning to manufacturing, sales, repair, and after-sales service.

After-Sales Service

As a brand that will accompany you throughout your life
As a brand that provides a lifelong relationship with you and the rings we made, we focus on warranty, after-sales service, and customer information management.


To help customers with their concerns and doubts.
Buying wedding bands is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.
Many people feel anxious about how to choose.
We have collected some of the most common questions that we have received.
If you have any questions not listed here, please feel free to contact us.